Our New Collection with Annie Selke


Join us as we showcase our exciting new collection with Annie Selke...

Following our successful collaboration with Annie Selke inspired by Barbados, New York and London, we are thrilled to introduce our ‘New Forest Collection’. Drawing inspiration from nature, countryside landscapes, flowers, and horses, this collection encompasses a range of cushions, bedspreads and rugs.

The ‘New Forest Collection’ holds a special place in our hearts as each piece is inspired by Kit’s love for the New Forest, a magical national park in England where she spends her summers. Infused with timeless designs, earthy hues, and nature-inspired motifs, the collection reflects Kit Kemp’s signature style, characterised by vibrant colours and intricate patterns.

Bramble Embroidered Cushions

Our ‘Bramble’ cushions, featuring hand-embroidered flowers embellished with silky ribbons and boucle yarns, introduce a delightful tactile element to any space. The ‘Cerise’ colourway infuses rooms with a burst of joy and vibrancy, as beautifully showcased below in a room at Warren Street Hotel. These cushions harmonise effortlessly with our ‘Moon Hills’ linen duvet cover, as the green accents in the flowers complement the verdant hues of the bedspread, creating a cohesive and inviting ambiance.

Oakley and Spring Bush

Inspired by our ‘Hearts of Oak’ fabrics, our ‘Oakley’ cushions feature undyed wool with simplified colours for effortless pairing. Paired below with ‘Spring Bush’, a kilim-inspired design, the combination offers a harmonious blend of colour coordination and scale variation.

Button Cushions

The ‘Button’ cushions, expertly crafted from a blend of cotton and linen, present a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, making them versatile additions to any interior with their monochrome colours. Paired with our ‘Blue Button’ rug, the combination creates a harmonious visual interplay, with each element complementing the other flawlessly.

Dawn Chorus

A standout piece in the collection, the ‘Dawn Chorus’ appliqué cushion exudes sophistication and craftsmanship, adding character and an unexpected touch to any living area. The ‘Deer Leap Hand Hooked’ wool rug in blue complements the cushions beautifully.

Knight Wood

Featuring a modern interpretation of cutwork technique, the ‘Knight Wood’ cushions exude a folkloric charm with their delicate design and bold colour contrast against natural linen. Paired below with our ‘Button’ rug, showing how versatile our range is and how well each piece works together.

Drift Applique

Celebrating England’s New Forest, the ‘Drift’ applique cushions showcases an intricate embroidery-appliqué technique, capturing the essence of wild horses roaming free. Below they have been paired with our ‘Knight Wood Lapis Sham’ cushions and coverlet, the soothing blues of the ‘Drift’ cushions seamlessly blend with the intricate hues of the ‘Knight Wood’ lapis design, creating a cohesive and serene atmosphere reminiscent of the forest’s tranquil beauty.


The ‘Impy’ design, inspired by the arrow cushions, features a charming blanket stitch finish around the edges, infusing any space with a cosy ambiance. Its versatile pattern effortlessly complements other pieces in the collection, as illustrated below with both our ‘Knight Wood’ duvet cover and ‘Bramble’ cushions, creating a cohesive and inviting ensemble that exudes warmth and style.

Overall, our collaboration aims to deliver a sophisticated collection with a handcrafted, country-inspired charm that is both captivating and easy on the eyes. Explore our full range of colours here.