Introducing GP & J Baker X Kit Kemp Wallpaper Collection


We are so excited to announce our new wallpaper and fabric collection with GP & J Baker. Here is a look at the seven vibrant and versatile wallpapers from our new collection with GP & J Baker...

We are delighted to announce our new collaboration with GP & J Baker, a celebration of creativity and craftsmanship. This partnership has been a joyous fusion of minds, inspired by our shared passion for textiles and artisanal excellence. Our wallpaper and fabric collection showcases vibrant prints, exquisite embroideries and luxurious linens, drawing inspiration from eclectic motifs and rich fabric narratives. On today’s blog we will be looking at the seven vibrant and versatile wallpapers from our new collection.

Knight’s Tale

At the heart of our collection is ‘Knight’s Tale’, this design is a reimagining of a GP & J Baker archival design from the late 1920s, infused with inspiration from mid-16th-century crewel work. Our fresh and vibrant reinterpretation, moves this wonderful design forward with a modern flourish. With six captivating colourways available in both fabric and wallpaper, Knight’s Tale offers versatility and charm.

Robina’s Dinner Party

A whimsical masterpiece ‘Robina’s Dinner Party’ is inspired by our dear friend Robina Jack, a ceramicist whose work we have collected over many years. This design features Robina’s hand-painted folkloric plates depicting friendly creatures surrounded by a riot of intricate patterns, celebrating nature and childhood memories with playful brushstrokes. Available to buy at Shop Kit Kemp here.

Tall Trees

One of my treasured designs originally painted by Melissa White, inspired by a walk through woodland on a misty morning. This easy to live with design features fantastical birds, rabbits and dragons amongst bluebells, oak and horse chestnut trees. Available to buy at Shop Kit Kemp here. 

Wriggle Room

‘Wriggle Room’ presents a refined small-scale geometric print, perfect for those seeking sophistication without sacrificing style. Its understated charm seamlessly integrates into any space, from hallways to bedrooms, adding a touch of class to the décor.

Potato Print

‘Potato Print’ emerges as a vibrant design born out of our deep appreciation for the timeless charm and handcrafted essence of traditional potato printing. We’ve crafted four distinct colourways, ensuring there’s something to resonate with everyone. From the fresh white backdrop with bursts of colour in Jewel, to the edgy yet subtle tones of green and cocoa.


Complementing ‘Wriggle Room’, ‘Tweak’ offers a simpler spin on the playful pattern. Available in contemporary colourways like Cocoa, Spice, Red, Plaster, Blue or Green, ‘Tweak’ brings a subtle yet standout vibe to any room, its versatility making it a staple in any design scheme.

Front Row

‘Front Row’ takes inspiration from an antique tapestry. Full of texture, the design depicts the intricate beadwork, appliqué and stitch work of the craftsman in modern, fresh colour combinations.

From small-scale geometric prints to playful squiggles and timeless stripes with a contemporary twist, our collection offers something for every style and taste. We invite you to explore, be inspired, and make a bold statement with our latest creations. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey, and we look forward to the GP & J Baker x Kit Kemp fabric collection launching on March 7th 2024!