GP & J Baker x Kit Kemp Wallpaper: Tall Trees


Join us for a deeper dive into one of our standout designs of our new wallpaper collection with GP & J Baker collection: Tall Trees....

We’re eagerly anticipating the full launch of our new collection with GP & J Baker on March 7th, coinciding with the grand unveiling at London Design Week (March 11th – 15th). This collection boasts an array of captivating wallpapers and fabrics, showcasing exquisite weaves, vibrant prints, intricate embroideries and sumptuous linens.

While we provided a brief glimpse into the collection last week, on today’s blog we are diving deeper into one of our standout designs: ‘Tall Trees’. Available as both wallpaper and fabric, this mesmerising mural, draws inspiration from a misty stroll through an enchanted woodland. Featuring mythical creatures, fantastical birds, charming rabbits and majestic dragons nestled amidst a backdrop of bluebells, oaks and horse chestnut trees.

What makes ‘Tall Trees’ truly special is its seamless blend of tranquil natural elements with whimsical charm, making it effortlessly adaptable to any living space. The four captivating colourways for the wallpaper are Soft Green, Delft Blue, Sunset and Sepia (shown below). The versatility of this design knows no bounds. Each colourway complements the other weaves, prints, and embroideries in the collection, allowing for endless creative possibilities.

Take, for instance, the serene ambiance created by the Delft Blue wallpaper in a beautifully appointed bedroom. Paired with crisp whites, this design exudes elegance and sophistication, elongating the space with its graceful motif.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this closer look at one of our cherished designs, and we’re excited to witness how you incorporate it into your spaces! Join us, along with Kit and GP & J Baker’s Ann Grafton, at London Design Week in their showroom on March 11th at 12 pm for an engaging conversation with journalist Fiona McCarthy, where we’ll explore the various elements of the collection, along with the design process and inspirations behind it all.

We look forward to the GP & J Baker x Kit Kemp fabric collection launching on March 7th 2024!