Our Flow Glassware Collection with Spode


Introducing our elegant Flow glassware range, perfect for any table setting...

During our delightful ongoing collaboration with Spode we have produced a range of stylish crockery, glassware, Christmas ornaments and photo frames. From the traditional and elegant “Tall Trees” to the vibrant and fun “Calypso” range, our collections offer a diverse selection. As part of the design process, we wanted to create a collection of versatile glassware, which could complement any table setting. The result was our Flow glassware range.

This stylish range inspired by traditional Georgian Rummer glasses includes a carafe and four elegant styles of glasses: wine goblets, tumblers, highball and lowball glasses, all characterised by their graceful and sophisticated curves. The wine glasses are versatile, ideal for both white and red wine, featuring an elegant stem and a well-rounded bowl that allows for swishing whites and enabling reds to breathe. For a table setting with both white and red wine, we suggest using the goblet glasses for red wine, as they provide ample space for the bolder and spicier flavour notes.

We’d like to share two delicious and popular cocktail recipes that we enjoy serving in our glasses at Ham Yard Hotel. To make both of these tempting cocktails mix all the ingredients in a shaker or a sealable container with 6 ice cubes, shake for 15 seconds, strain, and pour into a glass over ice.

The Rose Garden Fizz

– 60ml Portobello Road gin

– 10ml lemon juice

– 10ml lime juice

– 20ml rose syrup

– 15ml egg whites

– 15ml double cream

The highball and lowball tumblers are essential additions to your drinks cabinet, featuring a sophisticated foot detail to make sipping a stylish affair. The low foot design ensures a comfortable grip and keeps your drink free from warm hands.

 The Black Margarita

– 50 ml Vivir Blanco Tequila

– 30 ml Blackberry puree

– 30 ml Lime juice

– 20 ml Agave syrup

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about our new Flow glassware collection with Spode and are inspired to create your own Black Margarita and Rose Garden Fizz at home. Don’t forget to tag us on @KitKempDesignThread to share your colourful cocktail creations!

The design and adaptability of these glasses make them suitable for both water and non-alcoholic drinks – they look fantastic holding anything!