Our New Wallpaper Designs for Andrew Martin


We’re excited to unveil a new collection of wallpaper designs for Andrew Martin...

We’re excited to unveil a new collection of wallpaper designs for Andrew Martin. Some are variations of our much-loved ‘Mythical Land’ wallpaper, whilst ‘Lantern Parade’ and ‘Songbird’ are captivating new designs that bring unfolding tales of their own.

We’ve worked with Andrew Martin for a number of years now and always admire the design house for its consistency of original thought. They have a wonderful eye for sourcing remarkable furniture and decor, so it’s an honour to collaborate with them again. Let us introduce our latest creations…

Mythical Land

Our much loved ‘Mythical Land‘ wallpaper is now available in five additional colourways.

Shop Mythical Land at Shop Kit Kemp here.

Lantern Parade

This new and captivating design for Andrew Martin brings elements from tapestry landscapes and mediaeval illumination. They combine with an other-worldly treeline and calm seas beyond. A patchwork of hillocks and ponds is illustrated with embroidery-like brush marks, whilst more abstract mark-making conveys the textures and movement of nature.

“A full moon in the forest when all is quietly still and nature’s shy creatures reveal themselves in the glow of the moon. Is that a lantern the hare is holding, or just the reflection of dew-drenched flowers in the water? We will never know. We see magic every time Lantern Parade reveals itself on our walls. It is endlessly fascinating.” – Kit

Lantern Parade is available in three colourways – Dawn, Dusk and Midsummer.

Shop Lantern Parade at Shop Kit Kemp here.


This painterly woodland wallpaper is our second new design for Andrew Martin. Songbird is a joyful wallpaper with colourways that bring sophistication and originality. It is a versatile design that creates different moods with each colourway.

“We’ve always loved the natural plaster colour of the original design, but we’re excited to see how architectural and graphic our ‘Mythical Land’ wallpaper has become in these variations…” – Kit

We love the Sunset colourway but then again, Spring will always make your rooms feel like a beautiful sunny day. We love arriving in a room that sings with colour. Songbird, like its name, does just that! -Kit

Shop Song Bird at Shop Kit Kemp here.

Whether you’re seeking to make a bold statement or add a touch of whimsy to your space, these wallpapers offer a gateway to a world where imagination knows no bounds. We hope this blog has inspired you to let your walls come alive with enchanting works of art. Explore our collection further at Andrew Martin: andrewmartin.co.uk