Our Tall Trees Collections


Explore how we've incorporated our Tall Trees design into schemes and collections including a full tableware range...

‘Tall Trees’ was first unveiled as a mural wallpaper. Featuring a scene of an enchanted forest with birds, mythical creatures and rolling hills, its large scale design gives an enchanting embrace of nature, where swirling tendrils of folklore intertwine. Our Tall Trees design has recently been reimagined for the Kit Kemp for Spode Collection, where you’ll find a hand painted woodland tableau translated across a full tableware collection.

Join us as we celebrate our Tall Trees collections…

The inspiration for Tall Trees’ design came from Kit’s love of the countryside during woodland walks on misty mornings. With chalky colours, our mural wallpaper brings a palette of natural tones, making it easy to introduce to any scheme.

To celebrate nature, the Tall Trees pattern was kept in the same colourway and works wonders when presented with neutral tones and earthy colours. Whilst the collection’s Geo range is different in look and feel, it works so fantastically well with the Tall Trees design. We love how Geo’s orange dots bring a contemporary touch to an elegant tablescape.

We’ve featured Tall Trees wallpaper in our hotel schemes including the Prince Private Room at Crosby Street Hotel and a Loft Suite at Charlotte Street Hotel. The mural creates a cosy cocoon whilst standing on its own as a work of art!

Now the design with all its flora, fauna and mythical creatures can now be enjoyed through decorated tableware with our recent Spode collection. Applied across dinner plates, side plates and bowls, Tall Trees works on its own or in combination with the sleek graphics and contemporary colours of Geo for creating a myriad of modern and eclectic tablescapes.

You can find our Tall Trees Spode collection at Shop Kit Kemp which includes vases, serving trays, oval platters and sugar bowls, allowing you to create endless combinations for laying a table that will tell a different story, every time.

For a gift to a loved one or even yourself, you can also shop our Tall Trees Notebooks and these new Tall Trees Ceramic Candles.

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring how we’ve incorporated our Tall Trees design into schemes and collections. Share your tablescapes with us on Instagram @KitKempDesignThread.