Potato Printing with Molly Mahon for Charleston – The Big Reveal


A few weeks ago, the wonderfully talented block print fanatic Molly Mahon launched The Great Potato Printing Society. Now the big reveal of our potato print artwork is finally here...

A few weeks ago, the wonderfully talented block print fanatic Molly Mahon approached us with her inspired idea to raise funds for the Charleston Trust. She launched The Great Potato Printing Society which we are delighted to be a part of. Now the big reveal of our potato print artwork is finally here…

We spent a wonderful afternoon in the design studio with plenty of laughter, fun ideas and a steady hand. We loved the play on Potato Patch and came up with a Potato Patchwork.

Molly invited 20 artists and designers to take part in creating one-off, signed, potato print artworks to sell at auction. The auction went live on Monday 14th September and runs until midnight on Wednesday 23rd September.

Click here to read about our inspiration and creative process for our final piece. We hope Joe Tilson would be proud!

Charleston receives no public funding, so its closure during the pandemic and cancellation of the Charleston Festival has been financially devastating for the organisation. The trust provides a platform for conversations, art, ideas and exhibition programs. Let’s do everything we can to keep it afloat so that we can continue to visit and be inspired by Charleston for years to come.

Charleston, a place close to our hearts, was the Sussex home of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant. It was a regular meeting place for the Bloomsbury Group and continues to be a primary source of inspiration in our design, in particular our Charlotte Street Hotel in London.

The other artists and designers involved in the auction include Tess Newall, Cressida Bell, Lottie Cole, Gabby Deeming, Rose Electra Harris, Melissa White, Julian Le Bas, Beata Heuman, Liv Cave-Sutherland, Liv & Dom, Coco Crampton, Annie Sloan, Emily Maude, Paul Kindersley, Kristin Perers, Neisha Crossland and Simon March.

To place a bid or to make a donation please visit https://www.thegreatpotatoprintingsociety.com

How to Bid and Donate:

  1. Use the top-left menu to view Silent Auction Items, access My Bids or Make a Donation.
  2. To bid, select an item, enter your amount and then click ‘Place Bid’. Use the ‘Max Bid’ function and it will bid for you up to the amount entered.
  3. Register your details and then ‘Confirm Your Bid’
  4. Receive outbid text notifications and bid again!


The reserve price is £200 (+ postage), but even if you don’t find something that catches your eye (which we find hard to believe!), you can still leave a pledge. Every penny helps to raise vital funds!

For further information through social media, use hashtag #thegreatpotatoprintingsociety.