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Out and About: Blue Mountain School

The Kit Kemp Design Studio loves innovation and new exploits in our wonderful city of London. The Blue Mountain School is certainly that. This five story plot designed by 6a architects is the love child of founders James Brown and Christie Fels. There has been a lot of excitement surrounding this venture which has been four years in the making. So much so, that standing outside the unassuming grey brick entrance I felt a wee bit giddy.

Located on Redchurch Street in London’s East End, this is very much an “interdisciplinary space” with immaculately curated fashion, dining, music, design and art spread across six floors.

Things are for sale but it feels more like a gallery or a museum. The feelings of intimidation are immediately taken over by an extreme desire to touch, smell and experience everything this destination has to offer.

It’s a curious place with double height ceilings and trowelled textured walls with a huge wooden rather garish circular staircase that juxtaposes the beautifully crafted delicate pieces within.

On the bottom floor is the Hostem archive, a bold new model for retail which presents artisanal-luxe garments, ceramics, objects and artworks in permanent rotation. Displayed in tantalising steel, double height cases, they can be moved using surprisingly dainty wheels with elegant industrial vibes.

Our favourite shop in New York has its first London venture on the second floor. BDDW doesn’t fail to impress with a dusty pink herringbone floor and a twist on the typical blue Dutch delft tiles to complement the rustic mood of the ceramics and furniture.

Retail space meets art gallery meets restaurant about half way up the building, but not like any restaurant we know. Devoid of private booths or neatly arranged tables, a single large wooden table with 16 chairs sits in the centre of the room. ‘Mãos’ offers an intimate, immersive experience which sees a blind 17 course menu served to every diner simultaneously. Guests are encouraged to move through the space and take their courses in the kitchen, dining room or wine room. At Mãos, there are no courses, just “moments.”

After our trip to this wonderful townhouse come design hub, we have been inspired to create something special just for you…

Inspired by 17th century antique delft tiles, these hand painted cardboard cat castles painted by Mimi de Biarritz look puuurfect tucked onto a shelf or even on your desk top – a piece of art and a comfortable spot for your favourite four legged friend to curl up in.

Vintage French linen has been used for a hand stitched pillow. Luxurious and totally unique, Kit has two of these at home for Dr Radish and Kipper – get them whilst you can on Shop Kit Kemp!

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