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Bedroom 302 at Dorset Square Hotel

We are over the moon that our Dorset Square Hotel in Marylebone has reopened this week, along with five of our London hotels. This week for Sleeping Around we are taking a closer look at bedroom 302. The bedroom has recently been refurbished and is one of our favourite schemes. We just love the pretty and peaceful colour combinations of pinks, blues and reds.

Adorning the walls is my ‘Psycho Sprig’ fabric in the Tropical Blue colourway. The delicate curls of imaginative vines create a loose stripe on the wall, transporting you to a magical land. It reminds me of the beautiful wisteria in the summer months. The crisp white linen back cloth adds a sense of serenity and freshness.

We have used elegant wooden shutters for the windows instead of curtains to save space.

The scalloped shape headboard has been upholstered in a fabric called ‘Amapola Jal on China Blue’ by Aleta. This small scale floral print is like a pretty watercolour painting. I love the ever so slightly faded blue background.

To prevent the patterned walling and the headboard fabric from fighting, we added a solid contrasting red velvet to the depth of the headboard. This subtly separates the patterned fabrics. We added a nickel studding border to highlight the headboard shape and add a contemporary touch.

The bed cushions are a repetition of the headboard fabric, piped in a wine-red velvet. In smaller bedrooms, it is wise to use the same fabric on the bed cushions as your headboard. This stops the room from becoming too busy and overwhelmed.

For the bed valance, we have used a soft two-tone teal with flecks of white and turquoise. For the kick pleat, we have repeated the red velvet, creating a smart contrast and a pop of fun. Using solid fabrics on the valance and kick pleat helps to ground the space.

Opposite the bed are two tub chairs upholstered in a vintage carpet stripe called ‘Es Cavalet’ by Andrew Martin. The fabric has a Hispanic feel, with its colouring of navy, red and tan. I like how the stripe is unsymmetrical on the chairs, adding a touch of character to the room.

My favourite design detail of this bedroom is the unexpected blue painted skirting board. We wanted to add a hint of playfulness to the bedroom and painting the woodwork a fun colour adds a punch of personality to this space.

We cannot wait for you all to come and stay!

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