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Atlantic Whisky Challenge Update – On Shoulders of Giants Lead the Race

With 2700 nautical miles in the bag and only 150 nautical miles to go, this will be our last update on the incredible On Shoulders of Giants team that Firmdale Hotels have supported in their row across the Atlantic. They are in the lead and unbelievably picking up pace, scheduled to arrive at the finish in Antigua on Saturday, after rowing 2 hours on and 2 hours off for 35 days in the toughest conditions.

To put what an achievement this is into perspective, imagine that only 400 people have done this challenge before, compared to the 4000 that have climbed Mount Everest.

They have faced 30ft waves, dehydration, heat stroke and sea sickness. Apparently, sea sickness typically lasts 5-7 days; the first 3-4 days you feel like you’re dying and the next 4-7 days you wish you were dead, then you hope to get better!

By now, they will have consumed the majority of the 1 million calories of food on board (5000+ a day). Even so, they have faced dramatic weight loss, around 20% of their own body weight. Although their upper body has taken a beating, their calf muscles have shrunk due to lack of walking on their 4ft wide, 28ft long boat.

These four men are even more impressive because they have full-time jobs and have trained for this race for nearly two years. They have logged over 120 hours on the boat in training and have been certified in sea survival, navigation and short-range radio. Extensive, compulsory training on the water before the start in La Gomera, was based out of Lymington Yacht Haven in the Western Solent. Their incredible achievement has been followed closely by the team from Yacht Havens Group all around the coast of the UK. In spite of preparing so diligently, they have leapt into the unknown, as they say in the army, “no plans can survive the first contact with the enemy.

We can’t believe that they have found time to email us updates, telling stories of the 12ft Marlin that speared a rival boat, to the dolphins swimming alongside, to how they clean underneath the boat every week to stop an accumulation of debris that might slow their progress.

These guys have achieved something most of us could not even contemplate attempting and we are in awe. Sending you the biggest push for the final stretch!

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