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Artist Spotlight: Terence Maluleke

Always on the lookout for emerging and exciting talent, we recently discovered the captivating work of Terence Maluleke at his exhibition ‘Grace in Grand-Bassam’ at the Southern Guild Gallery. Born in 1995 in Soweto, Maluleke’s background as a visual developer for prestigious studios like Disney Animation and Netflix has greatly influenced his artistic journey.

Among his pieces, one painting, ‘Unwaveringly Strive,’ immediately caught my attention. Its dynamic portrayal of powerful, muscular legs adorned with sandals, radiates energy and determination. Each stride is synchronised yet unique, emphasising the strength of unity amidst diversity. Maluleke’s interpretation of this traditional subject offers a fresh perspective, reminding us to celebrate our differences while recognising the power of unity.

As you enter the lobby of the newly opened Warren Street Hotel, we have Maluleke’s ‘Unwaveringly Strive’ set against the backdrop of our ‘Zig Zag’ wallpaper with Christopher Farr, evoking a profound sense of arrival and anticipation. Keep an eye on this talented young artist as he continues to make waves in the art world.

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