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Artist Spotlight: Sean Scully

We proudly celebrate artists at our Design Studio and those we draw inspiration from. Sean Scully is a name which resonates with the world of contemporary art. Join us as we celebrate Scully and his abstract paintings.

Born in Dublin, Ireland 1945, Sean Scully wanted to be an artist from a young age. With a career that spans more than five decades, he has been the main subject of numerous exhibitions and museums. We have followed along this journey interpreting his remarkable work and the unique tales and stories his work conveys.

Scully is known for his large-scale work, using horizontal and vertical lines, geometric forms and vibrant, altering colours. He works with a variety of different medias such as sculpture, watercolour, printmaking and oil painting. Each different type of media is inspired by different places he has visited. During a trip to Morocco, Scully was influenced by the rich colours of the country. He experimented by creating large stripes that contained all of the tones he was inspired by.

Similarly, following a trip to Mexico in the early 1980s, Scully experimented with watercolour for the first time. His work is inspired by the geometric shapes that were created by the shadows and light he saw on the ancient walls of Mexico. Scully has developed his own style which holds a unique space within artists of his generation. His work is influenced by personal interests but also by some of the most famous abstract painters in our world, including Jackson Pollock, Henri Matisse and Mark Rothko.

Scully's massive mosaic work 'Golden Frieze' on view at the US Embassy in London

Scully has an evolving style that explores the meshing of emotion and structure. His work highlights the influence of conceptualism and minimalism, transitioned into an evolving style of bold, bright colours with textured surfaces and geometric patterns. His geometric forms consist of a mix of vertical and horizontal stripes, conveying a sense of tranquillity and rhythm. Scully’s cutting-edge and iconic style portrays a different type of abstraction, ultimately playing with the boundaries of artistic expression. The work presents a unique palette with Scully using warm tones which are juxtaposed with more bold and energetic colours. They create a canvas full of emotion and we love his use of textured surfaces, bringing such movement.

Scully’s profound impact on our world is why he is so distinct from other abstract artists. He creates a canvas that not only highlights his artistic evolution but also his ability to invite the audience to engage on a deeper level. His ingenious work has inspired us when creating one of our new fabrics with Christopher Farr. Our captivating fabric and wallpaper Zig Zag, introduces a fresh and dynamic motif that is mixed with a vibrant colour palette. Our versatile design allows this fabric and wallpaper to be used in multiple interior spaces. The design creates a lively yet elegant atmosphere.

Our new 'Zig Zag' fabric and wallpaper for Christopher Farr

We hope that Sean Scully has inspired you too! Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and experiment with bold geometric forms that push boundaries and encourage creativity. Follow Sean on Instagram @seanscullystudio

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