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All You Need is Love: Our Favourite Romantic Schemes

For many of us, February is just a brief and cold episode that passes by before the first signs of the spring. For others, February is the month of love, and here at the Design Studio we believe in LOVE. If there’s anything that we have learned over these past months, it is the importance of being close to those we love, and to show love to others.

Keeping love in mind, let’s have a look at some of our most romantic schemes. We hope they inspire you!

Number Sixteen forms part of a mid-Victorian white stucco terrace situated in the heart of South Kensington, and it’s definitely one of our most romantic hotels, starting with the legendary garden with the summer pavilion. It is the perfect spot for a daylight date or even a proposal!

In room 312, we continue this romantic English countryside atmosphere with pink linen walling and a paisley pattern on our headboard, complemented by wooden beams on the ceiling. You feel as if you are in the countryside.

Our most romantic suite at Charlotte Street Hotel is room 109, with the walls covered in a bucolic mural called ‘Tall Trees’, which we designed in collaboration with Melissa White.

The walls are four meters high but the mezzanine bedroom makes the room intimate and cosy, allowing you to sleep amongst the treetops.

At Covent Garden Hotel, this refreshing blue scheme with touches of pink is fresh and vibrant, while the four poster bed and the floral pattern on the headboard creates a more nostalgic atmosphere.

The same romantic nostalgia is achieved in this bedroom at a private residence in London. Sometimes a half tester works better within the space, creating a relaxed and luxurious “cocoon” feeling.

Our ‘Ashenwood’ design for Chelsea Textiles is so romantic in the spring colourway. It always makes a room feel bespoke and beautifully tailored. In suite 500 at Charlotte Street Hotel, the delicate details such as the bird pattern on the curtains and the fabric walling create a soft and elegant atmosphere.

If we want to talk about romanticism, we can’t forget about flowers, they always make a space sweeter.

If you are inclined to go for something more bold, be inspired by our romantic Las Vegas neon wedding corner at Ham Yard Hotel, which is the perfect spot to enjoy a cocktail with your other half.

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