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Alfresco at Crosby Street Hotel – New Beginnings in New York

As spring melts into summer in New York, and the city is beginning to reopen, city dwellers breathe a tentative sigh of relief to know that the hive of energy that New York is famous for is starting to return.

New York feels as though it has been transported to Europe, with local restaurants all over SoHo creating little terraces that line the streets to make room for outdoor dining, creating a romantic scene of outdoor café life. I love to see how the people of New York are able to make the best of any situation.

In our little patch of paradise at Crosby Street Hotel, we are lucky enough to be welcoming guests back to our terrace, open from 12pm – 9pm for a leisurely late brunch, a catch up with friends over lunch, or a balmy evening dinner.

I always enjoy the morning sun that bathes the Crosby Terrace. Just a few steps down from Lafayette Street, you are transported into a secret garden with classic café style tables and chairs and raised bed of abundant hydrangeas.

Whilst the city is still cool and hasn’t reached the peak of the day, I like to spend my mornings out there with toast, coffee and the papers under the shade of the trees.

My favourite time of day in the Sculpture Garden has to be early evening. As the day slowly turns into dusk and the tinkle of glasses signifies the start of cocktail hour.

My favourite corner is in the back of the space, where I have the entire view of the garden and in which sits this beautiful Gaze Burvell bench.

The planting scheme is a wonderful mix between classic British and native grasses. I designed this space with abundant overhanging foliage, tall sculptural magnolia trees and the centerpiece of the petrified giant tree trunk to evoke an other worldly garden hideout as a little sanctuary in downtown SoHo. The twinkling hanging lights above the seating area help to create an enchanting atmosphere as evening turns into night.

I am overjoyed that life is being breathed back into the Crosby Street Hotel and New York City beyond. These spaces were made to be enjoyed and socialised in and I know they are calling out for some action!

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