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Our New Acrylic Trays

Here at the Kit Kemp Design Studio we do things a little differently and often love reimagining designs with a more contemporary twist. One home accessory which we have recently designed is our new Acrylic Tray.

The design has been completely engineered by our design team, who ensured each aspect of the creation was thought through and perfected, from the thickness of the layering, the weight, the ergonomics of the handle, and in this case, the fabric panel within.

We like to enclose fabric between Perspex, which is a material that is often overlooked, yet when used well, brings a design to life with a contemporary edge. Click here to read more about how we use Perspex in our designs.

Our original tray was designed in collaboration with Fine Cell Work. It is a stunning intricate needlepoint piece inspired by an antique textile design I found on a holiday in Europe, perfectly framed in Perspex to protect from afternoon tea spills

Since then, the design has adapted to encase our own fabric designs in collaboration with Christopher Farr. Each double sided panel is hand sewn and sealed within, making them artworks in their own right.

I love how they sit on a coffee table and often need very few additions, adding a burst of colour to any tablescape. They can be fantastically dressed with beautiful china, a lit candle, or more importantly, a plate of chocolate biscuits.

There is nothing more wonderfully English than tea and cake, and our hotels are gearing up once more for the grand reopening of our bars and restaurants, famed for not just their interiors, but their award winning afternoon tea. Read our article ‘Dine like a Duchess’ for the fascinating history of afternoon tea, a tradition brought to England in 1840 by Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford.

Whether resting on a beautiful coffee table or being carted between tea breaks, ensure your guests are served the very best from the very best of platters. Our Acrylic Trays are available on Shop Kit Kemp in an array of our favourite fabric choices, from our striking Ozone design to the gentle swathe of Daisy Chain or Travelling Light.

Tea and cake is served.

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