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A Sense of Adventure Through Design

Travel around with us as we escape to far away places with sea dreams, jungle adventures and we head up, up and away…

Adventures by Sea

The Drawing Room at Ham Yard Hotel is the stage for our crystal beaded galleon chandeliers. Quite different to anything else, these beautiful iron and glass ships transport you to a rather magical world when lit, softly glowing as they sail above your head.

These hand stitched pieces in the Suffolk Suite at Haymarket Hotel are by retired sailor turned woolworker Colin Millington. His work is intricate and historical yet wonderfully modern.

Colin’s work is based on the nautical tradition of British sailors practicing crafts whilst away at sea. Reminiscent of his own voyages, embroidered characters dance across sandy beaches and boats sail across whale filled seas.

Perhaps you can make your next trip by sea for your own water-filled fun.

Hit The Road

Glance behind the buzzy bar at Refuel Bar & Restaurant and you’ll find a colourful story staring back at you. Look closely and you’ll spot an open top car speeding past flashes of green, yellow and red. This wonderful mural is by artist Alexander Hollweg. It uses vibrant colours and was inspired by a jungle themed Rousseau painting we gave to Hollweg to use as inspiration.

Thoughts of travel by four wheels don’t stop there. We gathered quite the collection of Dinky Toys to pay homage to the hotel’s former life as an NCP car park. You will find these collectables framed within Perspex coffee tables to inspire you to plan your next big road trip.

Room 101 at Haymarket Hotel is the perfect place to take off. This room is our ode to Fornasetti with Cole & Son’s black and white “Nuvolette” wallpaper combined with dashes of vibrant red. Our Firmdale pilot on the headboard is doing an excellent job of navigating the tempestuous skies – perhaps you’ll find inspiration in the rolling clouds for a less stormy, but very adventurous trip!

Up and Away

Whilst we aren’t quite Phileas Fogg adventuring off around the world, this wonderfully whimsical floral hot air balloon light carries us away to another land. Some of the metal has been painted and in other places embossed to create this magical gigantic sconce.

A Bumpy Ride

Have you ever thought of travelling by camel? No, neither have we, but when I stumbled across these carved wooden camels on my travels I knew they had to be added to the Firmdale family.

At home in the Orangery at Ham Yard Hotel they inspire us to dream of adventure and experience things we never thought we would.

Ticking just about all the boxes in terms of transport, we hope you’re dreaming of your next adventure.

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