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A Room For Everyone (Part 1)

Besides our fearless use of colour and pattern, one of our secrets here at the Kit Kemp Design Studio is to create rooms for everyone. We value originality and when scheming it’s important not to forget to incorporate a variety of designs that will appeal to different types of guests.

In this short series, we will show you how we have subtlety created a room for everyone whilst remaining true to our character…

The Business Traveller

This monochrome room at Haymarket Hotel tells an elegant and sophisticated tale. The geometric pattern of the headboard gives a tailored and structured feel to the room whilst hints of orange in the bed cushions add a touch of warmth and personality. The walls have been covered in a plain light grey fabric to keep the room calm and restful – a welcome retreat after a busy day of meetings!

The addition of stripes keeps the room feeling contemporary and lifted. We have done this through the end of bed stool and emphasised it further with a detail on the side of the armchairs.

Fearless & Funky

We absolutely love this explosion of colour in the Penthouse Suite at The Soho Hotel.  This spirited room is full of details that scream young and fun.

As you step inside the bright orange armchairs upholstered in our Inside Out fabric are sure to catch your eye. Drawing you into the room with their warm and energetic spirit, you are greeted with a mix of joyous colours on the statement headboard. The bright, cheerful florals look almost hand-painted, it is a piece of art in its own right.

Room 102 at Covent Garden Hotel is a marriage of two colours that sit so near to each other on the colour wheel they are not often thought of as an obvious mix. But with a neutral backdrop to ground the scheme, vivid orange and hot pink is a pairing that we never tire from. Sometimes it pays to be fearless!

We couldn’t mention funky rooms without a nod to our favourite screening room. In the heart of The Soho Hotel you’ll find our funky cow hide cinema. With a collection of comfortable armchairs you’ll find us here for our weekly Film Club screenings – popcorn in tow!

Stay tuned for our next installment of ‘A Room for Everyone’. Whether you’re a nature lover, a globe trotter or a fashionista, we’re sure you’ll feel right at home.

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