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A Ray of Light

As the sun is becoming a more prominent feature of our lives, we want to share a little trick to make your interiors look more luminous.

We are all about natural materials and a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere but sometimes ‘a touch of gold’ adds a ray of light that adds warmth and luminosity to a space.

In this mews house in London, we added some golden touches through works of art by Joe Tilson and Katherine Cuthbert.

They form a decorative focal point in the room and give warmth to the scheme, creating an interesting contrast against the white linen walling.

The large cushion with pineapple embroidery by Fine Cell Work contrasts wonderfully against my green ‘Lost & Found’  fabric on the armchair.

In The Whitby Hotel’s drawing room, an antique gilded sunbeam mirror illuminates the room. It is the focal point of the space, and draws the eye through the scheme with fabric walling by Casamance and sofas in my fabric ‘Friendly Flowers’ for Chelsea Textiles.

The sun looks magical paired with the unicorn console tables either side of the fireplace. This combination evokes dreams of mythical lands.

Leading into the drawing room, the gold console table and the antique gilded mirror blend into the busy space and exude calmness.

In The Whitby Hotel’s Araminta Room, we have assembled a small collection of golden ‘sunburst’ wall lights. They give the impression of several cheerful suns put together, which adds a ray of light and act like a window in this windowless room.

In the Orangery at The Whitby Hotel, a gold chandelier embellished with 1970s metal parrots by Tyson Bennison set a glamorous mood.

We love the intricate details on the parrots, from the blue glass eyes to each little engraved feather.

Gilded frames on mirrors or paintings work very well against almost all walling colours: they will warm up a white wall, make a terracotta wall feel lighter and will add contrast on a blue wall.

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