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Kit Kemp Country Home

A House in the Country

In winter, there is no lovelier place to pass the time than before a roaring blaze at home in the fresh country air. British country house interiors are renowned for their cosiness, layers of texture and lively colours. Here are our top tips to create a fresh and contemporary take on English country house style…

1. Embrace natural materials and combine interesting textures, such as wood, stone and clay. If they have similar tones, the scheme will look softer and fresher but still full of texture and depth.

In the library of this countryside house, the timber pieces are from very different backgrounds, from vast shields from Papua New Guinea to contemporary wooden sculptures and traditional oak beams. Despite the stylistic differences, they work well together as a collection because they are all in the same material.

2. Bring the outside in. Adding plants to your window sills will create a feeling of continuation from the outside and will make the space look bigger. In this dining area, the boundaries between inside or outside are diffused by the addition of green plants beside the French doors.

Just like in an old master’s painting, adding elements in the foreground, middle ground and background will add depth and amplify the space.

3. Celebrate the traditional. A country house interior wouldn’t be complete without the more traditional details. If you have always dreamt of having a four poster bed, now is the time to do it! A touch of romanticism and tradition can go a long way.

Give your classic designs a more fun and contemporary edge by using modern fabrics, such as my ‘Friendly Folk’ design in pink.

4. Do not forget about colour and unexpected details! Fuchsia upholstery on antique chairs, a Perspex table lamp and a contemporary mirror all work together in this countryside house. Celebrate creative combinations and embrace the unexpected.

These Staffordshire dog figurines work so well as lamps. We love to take a traditional English item and create something functional!

5. A fireplace is an important focal point in your room. There is so much variety, and each unique fireplace will add layers of history and texture to your scheme.

A fireplace does not need to be an expensive marble design – Portland stone, limestone, brick, timber or tiles can look just as impressive.

6. Use textured fabrics such as wools, cashmere and heavy chenille for sofas and armchairs. These soft and cosy fabrics will make your interiors so inviting. Fabrics like my ‘Ikat Weave’ design are durable and comfortable and will inject a pop of colour to a countryside interior.

We love the warm colours, textured fabrics and cosiness of country interiors at this time of year. This style isn’t restricted to the countryside, anyone can bring a touch of this traditional design into their home. Share your country home inspired designs with us using #designthreads.

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