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A Closer Look at Tub Chairs

Here at our Design Studio we give equal attention to colour, fabrics and also furniture. We have previously explored our Handle Chairs but today, we’d like to celebrate our Tub Chairs which star in so many of our bedrooms! Join us whilst we show you all the different ways we like to upholster them…

Usually we alternate between our Mins Tub or West Timber Tub designs – the difference is in the shape of the leg. Mins Tub chairs have straight legs and bring a more contemporary look, whilst West Timber Tub chairs have arched shaped legs that convey a more traditional look. Here in a bedroom at Number Sixteen, we have used a West Timber Tub as a desk chair. We love the low chair design as it doesn’t disrupt your attention visually.

Here at The Whitby Hotel, we have used our usual top-third and bottom-third textile combinations which are also seen on our Handle Chairs. The top plain wool accentuates the polka dot pattern by Mulberry. The contrasting piping gives an extra touch of fun.

In room 502 at The Soho Hotel, we have used the same type of combination but with a leather top. This adds extra texture and creates a more sophisticated look in combination with our ‘Inside Out ‘fabric for Christopher Farr.

Another fun design trick is to play with the front and back of the chair. Let the back of the chair’s organic shape act as a blank canvas to showcase an unexpected fabric. In this bedroom at Knightsbridge Hotel, West Timber Tub chairs have been upholstered in linen. The back of the chair reveals a beautiful flower pattern which is reflected in the mirror. A romantic touch!

Delicate fabrics can be used on the back of tub chairs that otherwise wouldn’t be suitable for upholstery. In this example also at Knightsbridge Hotel, we’ve adorned the back of the chairs in The Knightsbridge Suite with patchwork and finished the look with nickel studding.

In this bedroom scheme at The Soho Hotel, we have created a twist by adding a variety of block colours to the tub chairs. This achieves a contemporary and fun look.

We hope this blog post has highlighted the many different ways you can design and scheme with tub chairs! Find our tub chairs at Shop Kit Kemp, or explore more design tips with our blog post: Slipper Chair Secrets: How to Use Chairs as Room Accents.

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