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50 Shades of Clay

We love colour, but there always needs to be a neutral thrown in to give a room some breathing space. We carefully balance our interiors with neutral toned materials. They are timeless and create the very foundation that our schemes are built upon.

When you step into our hotels in London or New York, you can settle into any of the rooms with a cup of tea, (or a G&T) and despite being in the middle of a big city, you will find yourself surrounded by natural materials. From African clay art pieces, to antique wooden furniture and earthy wools, it is these organic colours and textures which help to ground a scheme.

Wood is a durable material that improves with age, like a good wine. We like to mix different finishes, styles and ages of wood when creating a scheme. A favourite piece is our very own wooden plank coffee table. It is the perfect balance of rustic and contemporary, and works perfectly in a large seating area, decorated with treasures, books and vases of fresh flowers.

Antique wooden furniture adds a sense of history to a room. We love the idea that a found writing desk would have been used to write letters or stories from years past, or that celebrations with friends and family would have taken place around this dining table. When placed amongst coloured walling, artwork and upholstery, these wooden pieces ground a scheme beautifully, drawing the eye in.

In all of our rooms, the beds are flanked with bedside tables and chest of drawers. We always opt for a very neutral light clay colour for the paintwork. A darker painted top allows the rest of the room to sing. They look fantastically smart in any setting.

A neutral credenza or sideboard is a staple piece that works perfectly in almost any space. We love to use them either side of a fireplace or as a standalone feature.

Layering linens, wools, cottons and leathers of all different weights and textures creates an interesting scheme. Opt for a fabric with a neutral background to allow colours and patterns to burst from the back cloths, creating a spectacular impact. Whether it’s printed or embroidered, appliqued or woven, clay neutrals are vital.

Although we are best known for our use of colour, it is the layering of natural, neutral materials which allow us to create a harmonious space – all you need is 50 shades of clay.

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