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5 Ways We Use Stools

Stools are really versatile designs that we use throughout our schemes. Both practical and decorative, they can be styled in almost any area and they’ll always add a little something extra. Whether it’s a place to rest your feet, a stack of books or a drink, they can be used in playful ways to bring character and conversation into a space.

Join us as we explore some of the fun ways we have incorporated this small, yet stylish piece into our designs:

At the End of the Bed

You’ll actually find a stool in most of our rooms and more often than not, it sits at the end of the bed. As well as providing a practical spot where you can drop a bag, or sit to put on shoes, stools present us with another opportunity to add colour and pattern into a scheme.

We have a lot of fun designing stools for our bedrooms, taking into consideration different styles, shapes and textured finishes. We’ve even tried our hand at upholstering one from scratch too. Take a look at how we got on here.

Styled with a Sofa

It’s also worth remembering that the end of bed stool does not always have to sit at the end of the bed. Instead on some occasions, we like to place it in front of a sofa – a perfect spot to put your feet up.  Below you can see one of our stools which we’ve upholstered in my hot pink Chubby Check fabric for Christopher Farr, which brightens the room while also serving a purpose.

A stool is just as useful on the side of a sofa as it is in front. A small stool can be used for a lamp, simply to add decoration and dimension to the room.

Why not place one on the side of a big armchair or in between a pair of armchairs to really complete the space?

Dining and Lounge Spaces

Small, but mighty, stools are regularly found within our dining and lounging spaces and help to create an atmosphere of casual gathering and sharing.

In the Bar and Restaurant at The Whitby Hotel, we’ve paired cube stools with a mix of different chairs and sofas to create a laid-back ‘pull up a pew’ feel to the space.

The Bar & Restaurant at The Whitby Hotel

You’ll also find this in The Conservatory at Haymarket Hotel, where we’ve paired bold upholstery with beautifully crafted wooden stools, and in The Orangery at Ham Yard Hotel, where we’ve used antique wooden animal stools from India to add character and spark conversation.

The Conservatory at Haymarket Hotel
The Orangery at Ham Yard Hotel

Paired with a Piece of Art

Complete a space by coordinating a bold stool with a work of art. Here at Dorset Square Hotel we have paired this black and white stool with one of our cricket themed works of art to create an area of focus with in the space. The colours found within the stool complement the details of the artwork above and, in-turn, draw attention to both designs.

Enhancing the Outdoors

Sprinkle stools around your outdoor areas to serve as spots to place your books, magazines, or sunglasses.

At Rosferry, our property in Barbados, I’ve used these wonderful mud bead stools, which are earthy and tactile, but tell a story of craftsmanship too. There’s no reason not to treat outdoor spaces as you would any other room, with decorative details and considered designs.

Have fun with the material, but remember to choose something that that can withstand the varying seasons and weather.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of the ways we like to use stools and feel inspired to get creative in your own home. Tag us at @KitKempDesignThread to show us where you place yours!

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